How it works

What does represent ?

The fundraising platform is a new way to help real estate development and to bring profits to those who invest in it. brings together investors, architects, appraisers, lawyers to work as a single entity in the development of a specialized platform and to achieve a common goal.

How does work ?

  1. The fundraising begins by registering as a member of the platform.
  2. Afterwards, the registered user can have access to participate in raising funds for a project proposed in the platform by transferring a minimum amount of money in a secured account affiliated with each project.
  3. After the amount needed to finance a project is reached, investors will be legally established in a joint venture and will proceed to the signing of the joint venture agreement. A draft contract can be downloaded from the link beside.
  4. Upon completion and selling, the realized profits will be divided to every investor, according to initial investments made by them.
    It should be noted that our proposed projects have a period of two months to raise funds. If, During this time, the initial amount for starting and completing the project is not reached, the money will be refunded to the investors.

Who is behind the platform ?

All projects presented on are proposed, evaluated and monitored by our team, which is composed of specialized departments in the legal, accounting, real estate and construction business.

Joint ventures will be set up within SC ALDIA SRL. This is a private company founded in order to coordinate activities that will take place in the joint venture. Since the joint venture has no legal entity, Aldia Srl will be the main pawn in development projects.

What are the services offered by ?

Aldia Srl is the society that underpins the fundraising platform, and represents the following actions:

  • Search and identify real estate opportunities
  • Conduct a due diligence for each project
  • Bargain prices at both the land and constructions
  • Contracting collaborating companies according to certain selection criteria (due-diligence on companies)
  • Identify potential investors and obtain necessary approvals, documentation and follows project implementation
  • Track a project to completion (sale)

How it works ?

Conducting of the investment will be made in the following way:

  • A team from will propose projects for implementation. These projects will be visible on for a period of 2 months. Meanwhile, the amount needed for the project will be achieved.
  • Subsequently, a construction company will be detected to take part in these projects. Construction company will be subject to rigorous controls following the various aspects of the legal and financial nature, in order to be selected within a project. Another criteria for selection will be acceptance of such companies to minimize the profits related to the construction of a building. The construction has the obligation to become an investor in turn by deposition of capital among investors. Also, the construction company will conduct its own funds to reach a construction phase worth 20% of the investment.
  • The constructors will build following that amount and funding by the platform will be done in stages. When the first phase of construction value reaches 20% (initial investment from the constructor), there will be a committee that will evaluate the work done. The Commission will be comprised of site master who will represent the interests of investors, construction company and members of platform. If there are no problems detected in execution or otherwise that might affect the completion of the project, another 20% of the investment will be unlocked for construction (of the money raised previously in the Secured Account). Finally, the constructor will have a value of 20% of investment locked up until the estate will be sold. This method represents a very good performance guarantee from the construction company.
  • The evaluation stages will be conducted by specialized companies and in accordance to public and private institutions.
  • The evaluators in will propose which variant is more conductive to residential developing in a particular area, namely, houses or apartment buildings, the ultimate goal being to more quickly and efficiently transact property in question.

How do I find out more about the projects ?

In platform, there is a section called „the member section”. In this section, each investor will have a corresponding account, where periodically new posts and details of the execution of the asset in question (pictures on the execution, payment situations, etc.) are presented. Also, in this section, there is the possibility of calculating the expected profits made in an investment, based on the real estate trend prices in the area.

Are the prices and the profits shown, guaranteed ?

As the real estate market is unstable, SC ALDIA SRL through the platform, does not engage in any kind of setting a guaranteed profit achieved by these investments. Prices are informative. However, you will have access to all documents necessary to follow closely the project in which you invest.

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