Duplex Project Otopeni








€154,353.00 Goal

2 Funders

2 Funders


 €154,353.00   Goal


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Financial Details

The project includes a land plot of 740 sqm area of which 690 are useful surface (50 sqm is road easement). A duplex will be built consisting of two adjoining houses.

The project is located in Otopeni, close to all the utilities on  1 May Street  that is currently being asphalted.

The Google Maps coordinates are: 44.542925, 26.058890

The proposed project consists of the construction of two adjoining houses (duplex) P + 1 with a built area of 120 sqm each and with adjacent land area of 345.45 sqm.

Ground Floor Plan

On the ground floor, the houses have a modern kitchen, spacious livingroom, bathroom, pantry, closet and hallway. The livingroom continues with the outside terrace and ideal garden for relaxation time. The floors are divided so as to provide maximum comfort in 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

1st Floor Plan

General investment table Price
Land costs Land surface and access road €745 €73.00
Available construction area €695
Sales commission €1,000.00
Notary taxes €850.00
Lawyer taxes €500.00
Land total costs €56,735.00
Construction costs €400.00 /sqm
120 sqm house construction costs €48,000.00
231.6 sqm land plot €27,975.83
Architectural and planning 10€/sqm €1,200.00 €10.00
Costs of 1 house €77,175.83
Return of investment 20% 25% 30%
Selling price (individual house) €92,611.00 €96,469.79 €100,328.58
Profit generated (individual house) €15,435.17 €19,293.96 €23,152.75
Total profit generated on project (2 houses) €29,695.33 €37,412.92 €45,130.50
Total project costs (2 houses) €154,351.67

Parteners in Project

Architectural and project planning is realised by 3D On Office SRL. The company offers a large variety of architectural and project planning for : civil construction, industrial, commercial, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior and furniture design.

The construction company is called Costalex Construct Srl, a company founded in 1997 with a large amount of experience in residential development. More information can be found on www.costalex-construct.ro

Financial planning is supervised by Standard Top Accounting Srl which offers on national level, accounting services, accounting expertise and consulting services in financial accounting(www.stacont.ro ).

Law firm Irimia Ana-Maria (http://www.bucharestlawyer.net) represents fiscal and commercial rights in relation to investors and associated partners.

Marketing and sales campaigns will start during the construction phase by experienced companies that are yet to be selected.

The construction execution time is 6 months from the moment construction authorisation is obtained (approximately 3 months). The exit time from the project is considered to be 1 year.

Note: Selling price is based on local residential market prices with similar housing available from

89 000 Euro. Examples can be found http://www.imobiliare.ro/vanzare-case-vile/bucuresti-ilfov/otopeni/casa-de-vanzare-4-camere-X0JT11005 and in the area nearby.

Please contact for more information

  • Eng. Diaconu Alexandru-Gabriel
  • Phone: +40722466137
  • E-mail: diaconu_alex@hotmail.com